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Welcome to Tai Wisdom Association

The Tai Wisdom Association is a registered local non-governmental organization based in Khon Kaen, Thailand and devoted to the rights of children and the responsibilities of parents and caregivers.  Supported by funding from the European Union and the Bernard Van Leer Foundation, the association has been actively

DSCF3533_2.jpgimproving the lives of children and families in urban and rural Northeast Thailand since 1998.  Through Early Childhood Development campaigns to raise awareness, support for resources for change, and community outreach to mobilize communities, we constantly strive to emphasize the importance of our children in building a sustainable future.

According to the Convention on the Rights of the Child, every child is according the opportunity to reach his or her potential.  The Tai Wisdom Association ensures that parents, educators and child care providers have the necessary resources and knowledge help children achieve.  We believe children have a right, not simply to survive, but to thrive. We achieve our mission to make change and improve lives through a variety of activities.

TWA actively promotes Early Childhood Development (ECD), a holistic development approach that addresses not only the physical needs of children, but also the spiritual, emotional, and mental.  Providing a foundation for learning ensures that children will reach their optimal development potential. TWA holds trainings and seminars on a variety of ECD topics that are free to the public. Our ECD campaign reaches throughout Thailand and has gained national attention.


Khon Kaen, the location of our head office, is a sprawling urban area, and despite the increasingly dense population, no library or recreation facilities for children existed until 2000, when TWA opened the first children's library in the Northeast region. In conjunction with a program called the Reading-Based Child Development, the library provides a place for parents, educators and children to gather, read, discuss, share and grow together.

In the outlying areas of Northeast, TWA operates a cooperative ECD project to mobilize available local resources, encourage cooperation between parties providing ECD services, build relationships between communities and childcare centers, and provide technical support for local child-minders.  Strengthening existing communities draws upon the talents of the community, creating a sense of ownership and social responsibility.

We believe in the future of our children.  We have witnessed the need for resources for parents, for quality ECD services for children and for means of establishing a sense of community for these families.  Our vision is DSCF3898.jpgto create a Family Learning Park.  A place where active, exploratory learning takes precedence.  Where children, parents and educators have access to library resources and a knowledgeable staff.  Where families can come to play, to grow, and to learn together.  Such a place would be a model for all of Thailand, a vision of the possibilities when communities work together.

Unfortunately, Thailand is a country still plagued by financial crisis, graft and the problems of modernization.  Though we are supported in spirit by a range of officials, change is not achieved through dreams and aspirations alone.  We believe in the power of education to make change, to build a new future, and to create a peaceful tomorrow.  And we are working hard to make that future a reality.

We welcome you to our organization.  Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.  Our English documentation is limited, but please visit our Main Web page at (if Thai language is applicable ) Feel free to contact us at your convenience.

Again, thank you for your interest.  We are truly honored you are interested in the Tai Wisdom Association.  We are only a small organization, but we are determined to make a difference, for our children, and for our future.



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