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In addition to the vital human resources provided represented the TWA staff and our partners, we depend on active and continuing fund-raising efforts, using reading04.jpga variety of methods. Some methods are quite effective, while some are less so. The strategies used have been that of trial and error, learning from action, and adapting methods based on existing and changing circumstances.  In addition to the TWA Executive Director himself and another senior staff who are actively involved in fund-raising, currently there are 2 young staff members who have been working on fund-raising for one year and two years respectively, and who also have to shoulder other responsibilities assigned by TWA as needed.  Another important aspect is that the senior staff and one young fund-raising staff attended a training course on fund-raising in Bangkok, further evidence of our commitment to promote sustainability over the long term.  Lastly, local fund-raising initiatives have not been restricted to TWA staff, but have also involved members of the Board of Directors and the advisory committee who have been actively engaged in raising funds and making sure that TWA could fulfill obligations on time.

Initiatives made by TWA to raise funds may be listed involve:

-  donation boxes

-  direct mail donation drive

-  special activities, such as sales of cards, copyright for book sales, library subscription fees

-  in-kind contributions, such as voluntary work by illustrators and discounts from book suppliers  and printing firms

-  grants from various local and international organisations/foundations , including the BvLF, the THPF, the Khon Kaen Municipality  and the Rotary Club.

DSCF2236.jpg-  grassroots level contributions, matching funds for library construction.

One interesting strategy TWA has used successfully is to raise funds at the grassroots level by challenging communities to raise their own funds to earn TWA’s matching fund to build a children’s library for the community children.  An example is provided in the section on TWA’s strengths and potentials.

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