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DekTai Mini Library

The DekTai Mini Library is a removable and affordable library, that only requires a small amount of space, so that it can be set up anywhere where there are children. Some of these mini libraries have been set up near schools, public parks,  slum communities, children's play ground etc., and need only one person to work on. The model can contain up to 1200 books  for children and parents.

The majority of these libraries are hosted by the Khon Kaen Municipality while a few are run by other partners. In 2009 they were designed by TWA and then offered to the Municipality and the other parters. After being planned, set up and operated for a while by TWA, the mini libraries are now being run independently.






Unit I

Community : Nong Yai

Host  :  Khon Kaen Municipality

Location : Nong Yai's Public Park, Khon Kaen







Unit II

Community : Wat Jorm Sri

Host  :  Khon Kaen Municipality

Location : Buddhist temple at Ban Sri-thaan, Khon Kaen







Unit III

Community : Nong Vaeng

Host  :  Khon Kaen Municipality

Location : Nong Vaeng's Public Park, Khon Kaen









Unit IV

Community : Bhudda Molthon Soi 3

Host  :  Bangkok China Town Rotary Club (D3350)

Location : Bhudda Molthon Soi 3, Bangkok











Unit V

Community : Sri-Thaan

Host  :  Khon Kaen Municipality

Location : Sri-Thaan School, Khon Kaen










Unit VI

Community  :  Ban Kham Yai

Host / Funder  :  a-day Foundation

Location :  Ban Kham Yai, Pu Viang district of Khon Kaen









Unit VII

Community : Nong Wat

Host  :  Khon Kaen Municipality

Location : Nong Wat (rail-road), Khon Kaen











Community : Theparak Community (rail-road)

Host  :  Khon Kaen Municipality

Location : Theparak Community, Khon Kaen










Unit IX

Community : Mittrapap Community (rail-road)

Host  :  Khon Kaen Municipality

Location : Mittrapap Community, Khon Kaen










Unit X

Community : Kheha Community  (National Housing Authority)

Host  :  Khon Kaen Municipality

Location : Kheha Community Community, Khon Kaen










Unit XI

Community : Nong Poo Vang Hinsa

Host  :  Nong Poo Vang Hinsa School

Location : Nong Poo Vang Hinsa School, Nong-nakham district of Khon Kaen

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